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Our mission is to help individuals and organizations become more effective. Organizational success is linked to people and how they do their jobs, therefore we provide our clients with insights, new perspectives and recommendations related to the development and management of people.

                               SERVICES OFFERED

EMPLOYEE ASSESSMENT AND SELECTION: Employee, management and executive level pre-employment evaluation and screening processes to ensure optimal fit. We assess competencies, skills, interests, and personal characteristics. Reduces costs of employee turnover.

COACHING: One-on-one coaching and mentoring sessions offer a focused method to set goals and targets for actions that enable employees to reach beyond their present level of success. Address and close skill, culture and work style gaps that exist in your employees between the desired job profile and the demonstrated or assessed candidate profile. Helps organizations retain top talent, improves leadership performance and employee productivity.

OUTPLACEMENT:  Career management services assist candidates in focusing on a range of career choices, identifying their next opportunity and learning the job search process including preparing and executing personal marketing plans, effective networking and interviewing, and evaluating and negotiating offers.

TEAM DEVLOPMENT: Deliver workshops using the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator to increase team members understanding of themselves, their strengths and blindspots which leads to better performance. Teaches team members how to effectively use the various personalities on a team and with customers. We can also work individually with a manager or group leader to help develop a thriving and cooperative team by providing information on the group’s type, its strengths and weaknesses, and its problem solving and conflict management styles, and then offer an action plan to improve team productivity. 


Stress Management:  Workshop focuses on understanding stress, types of stress, stress and performance, sources of stress and specific methods of coping.

Conflict Resolution:  Workshop focuses on enhancing the interpersonal relationships that are critical to successful problem resolution between emloyees and management and managers.

Managing Work and Family:  Workshop focuses on understanding how to create balance in one’s life.